Exam Preparation and Information

Exam Preparation

Examination periods can be stressful times for students and their mental wellbeing is taken extremely seriously.  Please follow the link to find out about some of the mental health and wellbeing support materials shared with students while they prepare for exams.

General exams information

The examination periods for 2016/2017 for students studying GCSE, AS and A Levels were as follows:

Monday 15th May to Thursday 29th June 2017

Examination periods are generally held at the same time each year so it is advisable for students not to book holidays during these times.  Please note that lessons will resume for Lower 6th students once their exams are over.

Individual exam timetables are emailed to students via their College email accounts several weeks before the beginning of the examination periods. This should saved for reference.

Exam board timetables for the summer examination period and other exam information will be available to enrolled students via moodle as they become available. See 'Link to Timetable' below.

Important exam notices from the exams overseeing body (JCQ) are available to enrolled students on Moodle.  Alternatively, follow this link to the JCQ website.

(to be updated in due course)
Thursday 12th Jan 2017GCSE

Results of November GCSE exams

 Emailed to students
Monday 15th May 2017AS & A LevelSummer exam session begins 

Links to timetables:

by date

by subject

Thursday 29th June 2017AS & A LevelSummer exam session ends  
Thursday 17th Aug 2017Level 3

Results of A level, AS level and BTEC level 3

Examination Results and Certificates Information

 Emailed to College email account.  Students should make sure they have saved these on a non-College computer.
 A LevelPriority Review of MarkingThursday 24th AugLink to page
 AS & A LevelPriority copy scriptThursday 24th AugLink to page
 AS & A LevelNon-Priority Review of MarkingThursday 14th SeptemberLink to page
 AS & A Level

Non-Priority Script

Thursday 21st SeptemberLink to page
Thursday 24th AugLevel 2GCSE & BTEC level 2 results 

Emailed to College email account

31st Aug2017 leavers

College Email account closed to July leavers


Students should make sure they save their results to a private email account by this date.


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