About trips and visits

College staff organise a huge programme of extra-curricular trips and visits to enhance students' classroom learning.

The trips are undoubtedly are a great highlight of the Reigate College experience. This year’s trips have included visits to Hampton Court Palace, National Archives (History), Kew Gardens (Art), RCS Stratford (English), Box Hill Orienteering (Public Services) and Stamford Bridge Stadium and Wimbledon (PE). Further afield, students have enjoyed residential visits to Montpellier (French), Salamanca (Spanish), Aachen (German), Rome (Travel & Tourism), Washington DC (History), Rome and Naples (Classics) and New York (Creative Arts).

Take a look at the Trips and Visits Photo Galleries for an insight into some of these trips or see what's coming up on the Trips and Visits Calendar.

For information on the range of trips and visits open to students on specific courses, please see the Educational Experiences section on each course page (e.g. see French AS/A2 > Educational Experiences).

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