Alumni demystify medicine and dentistry admissions tests

Lower Sixth students applying to medicine and dentistry courses this September benefited from an informative workshop about the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) on March 26.  The College welcomed back two past students to run the session – Ella Patey and Marika Abbink, both in their first year of Medicine at Sheffield University and Queen Mary University, respectively.

Liz Sanders, who leads the Pathway for our would-be medics and dentists, said, “As ever, we are so grateful when our alumni return to the College to share their tips for success with current students.”

The UCAT is a computer-based admissions test that’s used by a range of universities as part of their selection process.  It can’t be revised for in the same way as an A Level, so building our students’ confidence and understanding about what to expect can help them better manage any worries. 

Liz continued, “While a student’s UCAT score is undoubtedly important, it’s given more weight by some universities than others.  There are many elements that come together to achieve a medical or dentistry school offer, and we pride ourselves on working with the unique strengths of each of our students to give them the best chance of achieving their goal.”

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