Choosing the Right Courses

The national surveys of thousands of Advanced Level students show that there is a pattern between their GCSE scores and the results they achieve on A Level and BTEC Level 3 courses.

The College uses this information to help advise students as to which combination of courses they might be most suitable for. 

Many students find that doing BTEC Level 3 and Technical Level courses rather than all A Levels, or a combination of these with A Levels, give them the best chance of attaining the UCAS points they need to progress to university.

For example, it is usually preferable for students to do a combination of  two BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diplomas/Extended Certificates and one A Level and achieve Distinctions or Distinction * in these, than it would for them to do three A Levels and achieve low grades in some of them (Ds or Es).  

Most students who keep up with the demands of coursework and are commited to doing well, are capable of achieving Distinctions or higher on BTEC Level 3 courses.  

As BTEC Level 3/Technical Level course are predominantly coursework based, doing a combination of these courses with traditional A Levels can take the pressure off around exam time, with students being able to focus their revision efforts on fewer courses. 

Students should consider their study programmes with care and don't need to make any final decisions until after they receive their GCSE results.

UCAS Tariff Points 2019

Note: BTEC Diploma is equivalent to two A Levels, and BTEC Subsidiary Diploma and Extended Certificate are equivalent to one A Level.

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