Communications to Current Parents

The main form of communication between the College and parents or guardians is email.  If you are concerned about not having received College emails please email

Copies of all key communications will be saved to this page.  Emails with letter attachments cover important topics such as:

  • Public examinations
  • Changes in timetabling arrangements (including timetable changes at the end of the summer term)
  • Information about Higher Education and Careers
  • Progression to the second year of courses


Interim Reports 2018-19

Interim reports are issued four times a year, usually in October, December, February and March. 

October: First Interim Report  Letter from the Principal - Upper 6th | Letter from the Principal - Lower 6th and Intermediate | Level 2 Progression Policy  | Level 3 Progression Policy 2018-19 | Interim Report Explanation of Terms and Procedures

December: Second Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students

February: Third Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students | Interim Report Explanation of Terms and Procedures

March: Fourth Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students Reverse of Interim Report 4 - explanation of terms (L6 and Intermediate)Reverse of Interim Report 4 - explanation of terms (U6) | Downloadable revision planner for parents/guardians of L6 students


Parents' Evenings 2018/2019

Lower 6th and Intermediate Parents' Evenings: February/March 2019 and Upper 6th Parents' Evenings: November/December 2018

All appointments for parents' afternoons/evenings should be made via the parent portal.


Careers Bulletins

Please click the link to read the latest Careers Bulletin.  Careers Bulletins are emailed to all students on a weekly basis.

Annual Review

Re-Wind 2017-2018
View online interactive version
Download pdf [7MB]

Re-Wind 2016-2017
View online interactive version
Download PDF [7MB]


On Route Newsletters and College news via social media

The College produces 'On Route' newsletters in December and March, with the December one now replaced by the annual review 'Re-wind' in July (see above).  These give parents and guardians a regular update on College news and views.  For all the latest news we recommend parents and guardians 'like' the College Facebook page and or follow the College on Twitter

Please see past copies of On Route below:

2018-2019   December | March

2017-2018   December | March

2016-2017   December | March

2015-2016   December | March | June

2014-2015   December | March | June

2013-2014   December | March | June

2012-2013   December | March | June

2011-2012   December | March | June

2010-2011   March | June

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