This enrichment course is aimed at absolute beginners and will introduce students to the Latin Language through the Cambridge Latin Course, an engaging and interactive language programme.  Students will gain competence in the Latin language, be able to translate large passages of text and develop an understanding of Roman culture.

Studying Latin will help students develop a deeper understanding not only of English, but many European languages and how they are formed and improve grammar and language skills.

The course will help develop a range of skills that students will find useful in all areas of study, including; critical thinking, attention to detail and cultural awareness.

The study of Latin complements a wide range of subjects including:

  • Classical Civilisation
  • Law
  • Modern Languages
  • Sciences

Students with Latin language skills are highly valued by universities and employers alike, particularly for courses/jobs where Latin is regularly used, such as Law, Medicine and Horticulture.  The transferable skills learnt on this course are relevant to all manner of higher education courses and careers.

This course is comprised of two units:

  • Latin Language (50%):  Students will develop competence in the Latin language, be encouraged to adopt a sensitive and analytical approach to language generally and gain an awareness of the influence of Latin on the languages of today.
  • Roman Culture (50%): Students will complete a coursework task of 400 words on an aspect of Roman Culture, for example on Gladiatorial games or Roman Entertainment.

Course specific Trips, Visits and Experiences

Latin Language and Roman Culture students will have the opportunity to take part in trips organised by the Classical Civilisation Department.  In recent years, these have included:

  • A trip to the Bay of Naples, visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum, Villa Oplontis and the Museum of Naples.
  • A trip to Rome to visit a wide range of ancient sites including the Colosseum, the Forum, the Vatican museums and Ancient Ostia.
  • Theatre trips to see the Greek tragedies Antigone and Medea.
  • A visit to the British Museum’s Sicily: Culture and Conquest exhibition.
  • A tour of the Greek and Roman antiquities at the British Museum.

In addition to course specific experiences, students also have the opportunity to get involved in the College’s Activities Programme.

All students need to gain an experience of the work place during their time at College and for students studying vocational courses it should ideally be linked to one of their subject areas.

This course is assessed by a combination of exams (50%) and a coursework task of 400 words (50%)

The exam board for this qualification is OCR.

Students selecting this course should be enrolled on a Level 3 programme and should possess a Grade 5 in English Language GCSE.  No previous knowledge of Latin is required, but students must have a desire to engage with a new language and learn about the Roman world.

Students will enjoy this course if they:

  • Have an interest in the ancient world
  • Like the logic and structure of language
  • Are interested in the history and origins of language

How to Apply

Applications for entry September 2021

Students from partner schools (Reigate, Warwick, de Stafford and Oakwood) should complete an online application under the guidance of their school.

All other applicants should download and return the 2021 application form.

All applications will be considered according to the College’s Admissions Policy.

Please see the Admissions timetable for information about the College’s enrolment process.

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