Students will study a range of dance styles, including contemporary, jazz, physical theatre and street dance and will be given opportunities to take part in a variety of youth dance platforms and other College and external productions.

As a way of familarising students with the professional dance world, each year talented choreography students are invited to attend an inspiring mix of productions linked to their Dance syllabus.  In the past, some students have been selected to participate in the Young Creatives Programme, in conjunction with Dance Digital and Youth Dance England.

The coursework is by log book, including written diaries, PowerPoint presentations, video diaries and written reports. 

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate is a one A Level equivalent, two year course.

The College offers three, one A Level equivalent courses in Performing Arts. These are:

  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting)
  • BTEC Level  3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre)
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Dance

Due to the overlap in content for each of these Performing Arts courses, students can only take one of them. i.e. If picking one of these courses they should combine it with two other (non Perf Arts) A Level (or equivalent) courses).

If you are particularly keen on Performing Arts and would like to do more than the equivalent of one A Level in it, please see the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting, Movement and Musical Theatre). The Extended Diploma is the equivalent of three A Levels.

Take a look at some students’ recent performances in the Performing Arts Photo Gallery.

  • Art (Fine Art)
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Sociology
  • English
  • Film Studies

This course could lead to a degree in Performing Arts or Dance Theatre at a vocational college or university. Past students have attended The Laban Centre London; London Studio Centre; Laine’s Theatre Arts; Arts Educational; Royal Academy of Dance; London Contemporary Dance School; Performers College; Italia Conti; Bird College and Northern Contemporary. Universities include Chichester; Middlesex; Roehampton; Bath Spa; Surrey and Winchester. Students have also gone on to do an HNC or HND course in Dance, as well as Performing Arts Courses and Physical Theatre courses.

Several past students have already turned professional in either acting, dancing, modelling, singing or directing professions.

Dance BTEC at Reigate College

During the course students will complete 5 units of work covering Choreography, Jazz and Contemporary Dance.  Students will be assessed on solo and group performances via our annual dance shows and studio performance events. They will also deliver presentations based on the working conditions of professional dancers, and produce written reports that outline the development of different dance styles. Students will also explore choreographers past and present, in preparation for the external choreographic exam which is taken at the end of the second year.

Dance students will be involved in the lively artistic life of the College, including the annual dance show, Hot Feet.  Dance students are encouraged to contribute to other productions throughout the year, including tours to local schools. There are also many opportunities to take part in recreational dance as part of the Activities Programme. All students are expected to audition for RD1, our dance performance company.

Course Specific Trips, Visits & Experiences

Dance students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of course-related experiences. In the past, these have included:

The College’s annual Hot Feet Dance Show

A trip to see Diversity

A trip to see James Cousins

A trip to see Ballet Boyz

A visit to the Royal Ballet School

A Residency with Frantic Assembly, Raincrew, Sin Cru and Desire to Dance

Move it Dance event

A teaching practice scheme in partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance

In addition to course specific experiences, students also have the opportunity to get involved in the College’s Activities Programme.

All students need to gain an experience of the work place during their time at College and for students studying vocational courses it should ideally be linked to one of their subject areas.

This course is assessed via practical coursework involving a log book, written diaries, Powerpoint presentations and video diaries.

The exam board for this BTEC is Pearson BTEC.

All students need to have at least five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above (and a satisfactory school reference) in order to be accepted on an A Level/BTEC Level 3 Programme. 

In addition, students will need to audition for this course and should meet the following minimum GCSE requirement:  

  • Grade 4 in English Language 

This course is suitable for students who have an interest and experience in the subject. The course requires imagination, sensitivity and the ability to get on with others. Students should have a mature and committed approach to studying this subject in-depth and be good at managing their own time.

Attending the Dance Workshop for Applicants in December is highly recommended although not compulsory.

Do I need to audition for the course?

Yes, there is an audition process. You will be invited to participate in a group workshop and technique class.  You will also have to perform a two minute solo based on a set theme. The theme for your solo will be sent to you a few weeks before your audition.

What style of dance will I study?

You will predominantly explore contemporary and jazz styles but you will also have the opportunity to participate in a range of street dance, ballet and musical theatre workshops. You will be able to choreograph works in a style of your choice.

How will I be assessed in dance?

Over the two years you will explore five units. Each unit involves practical training, rehearsals and theory work. At certain points within each unit you will be assessed on your contributions to rehearsals and your technical development. Your theory work will be assessed through logbooks, written reports and presentations.

Do I have to attend additional rehearsals?

Yes, there is an expectation that you attend group rehearsals, which will vary depending on the performances for each term. You will also be expected to attend independent rehearsals to develop your own choreography and technique skills.

Is there much written work in dance?

Every unit has an element of written work. You will keep ongoing development diaries and are expected to write reviews about shows as well as carry out research about styles and practitioners.

Do I need to have studied GCSE or BTEC Level 2 Dance to be able to take the course?

No, but you must have developed a good level of technical ability by attending dance classes outside of school.

Do I have to wear a specific kit?

You are expected to wear safe and appropriate dance kit but we do not have a set dance uniform.  When representing Reigate College at off-site performances, you will be expected to wear dance hoodies and provide kit appropriate to the event.

What equipment do I need?

You will always need to wear safe and appropriate kit and bring note-taking equipment with you to every lesson.

Where do students go to study dance after they leave Reigate College?

Students have gone on to study Dance and Performing Arts at a range of institutions including: University of East London, Canterbury University, BIMM Institute, University of Roehampton and Kingston University.

What are the results like?

Some students achieve overall merits but lots achieve distinction and distinction stars.  We always achieve high grades of 80% or above.

What are the typical class sizes?

Class sizes can range from 8-20 students.

Which practitioners will I learn about?

You will explore many different practitioners, for example Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey and Matthew Bourne in contemporary dance, and Bob Fosse and Andrew Winghart in jazz.

How to Apply

Applications for entry September 2024

Please apply (from 19 September 2023) via the link on this page:

Please see the Admissions timetable for information about the College’s enrolment process.

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