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Have you ever sat quietly and asked yourself difficult questions?

Philosophy will show students how to think about some of life’s most important questions in a new and critical way: Does God exist? What is the mind? Is War wrong? Do humans have freedom? Why does the universe exist?
Students will explore and discuss ideas, examine beliefs, be shown how to explain different views clearly and reach judgements based on a precise evaluation of the available information. Philosophy is a fascinating and demanding subject, which has been taught at Oxford University for 800 hundreds years and Cambridge since the 1500’s.  The great philosophers, like John Locke and Karl Marx, have shaped the very world we live in today. 
The course will give students a new and exciting outlook on life. Studying Philosophy will fine-tune a student’s reasoning so their enhanced intellect can be applied to a range of careers that require critical reasoning.
Philosophy A Level at Reigate College
November 2017


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