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‘ El mundo es un pañuelo’ – ‘it’s a small world’.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after English, the second most used on Twitter, and the third most popular Internet language – that’s why it is so important to speak it well.  By studying Spanish at A level students will develop their skills in communication, an ability highly prized by employers.  Students will use the latest multimedia technology to practise their language skills and learn more about Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, as they study a range of topics from historical perspectives to the present day.  In addition they will have extra sessions in small groups with a Foreign Language Assistant to build their confidence in speaking. 
There is no substitute for spending time in the country where the language is spoken.  We offer a study trip to Salamanca in Spain, where students live with host families and participate in small group classes and other cultural activities, allowing them to experience life in Spain at first hand, and immerse themselves in the language.
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