English Language GCSE


The government requires that all students who have not achieved at least a Grade 4 in GCSE English Language (and Mathematics) retake these qualifications during their time at College.
Students who fall into this category are required to do the AQA English Language GCSE course at College.  This is a practical, skills-based course,  designed to help students improve both their reading and writing skills.
Prior to sitting exams, students will be assessed, by teaching staff  in speaking and listening and will need to have achieved an acceptable level before continuting to the examination stage of the course.
Successful students will sit two, one hour 45 minute exams, equally weighted at 50% each.  
Students have the opportunity to sit the exams in November and June.
The College has an excellent record of helping students move from a Grade 3 to a Grade 4  over one or more years.

What goes well with this course?



This is a one year re-sit course designed to give students the necessary reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to achieve a Grade 4 in English.

Course Content

Students will study a wide range of texts from 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, including literature and literary non-fiction as well as other writing such as reviews and journalism.

They will read and evaluate texts critically and make comparisons between texts, summarise and synthesise information or ideas from texts.

In addition, students will use knowledge gained from wide-reading to inform and improve their own writing.



This is a one-year course, with two one hour, 45 minute exams, each equally weighted at 50% of the final mark.

The exam board for this GCSE  is AQA.

Entry Requirements

This course is designed to cater for students who achieved a Grade 3 and need to improve their grade to a Grade 4.

Reigate College has an excellent record with students who realise that this examination is the key to further achievement.

Students who achieved a Grade 1 or 2 will have an additional English Language support class on their timetable. 

Download Course Leaflet

Download the GCSE English Language information leaflet.

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