Equality and Disability Policies

Equality Policy (Summary)

Reigate College is committed to ensuring students are offered equal rights and opportunities. This commitment applies to all aspects of College life.

We have a comprehensive equal opportunities strategy which:

  • covers all aspects of anti-discriminatory practice
  • is monitored regularly.

We will:

  • provide equal access to all aspects of education, irrespective of class, race, sex, age, sexual orientation or previous educational achievement
  • ensure that disabled people, including those with learning difficulties, are treated fairly
  • make all reasonable adjustments and provisions to ensure that disabled people are not substantially disadvantaged.

We aim to provide an atmosphere which:

  • respects cultural diversity
  • helps students gain a positive image of themselves at all levels of achievement.

We believe that in such a caring community students will gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to make them critically aware of what they see, hear and read.

Download the Single Equality Policy

Download the Single Equality Scheme

Download the Equality and Diversity Compliance Report


Disability Statement (Summary)

Reigate College is open to all who can benefit from, and qualify for, the courses offered. This includes anyone with learning difficulties or physical disabilities or both.

Students with learning difficulties or physical disabilities are encouraged to take up the opportunities that all students enjoy and to become fully integrated in College life.

Teaching staff are responsible for meeting any difficulties in learning of which they are aware.

The Learning Support staff encourage and support teachers and students in overcoming problems.

Specialist help, if needed, is available through services such as the Surrey Sensory Impairment Service.

We can provide portable computers for use in College. We make appropriate help and support available during the examination period.

There is disabled access to the whole site with the exception of the first floor of Castlefield House.

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