Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources

We are fortunate at Reigate College to enjoy state-of-the-art teaching facilities. This is the result of a college policy of investment in technology, new buildings and research / IT facilities for our sixth form students.

Of course these same facilities can be enjoyed by our teacher training students as well and indeed one of the benefits of studying a PGCE post-16 programme in a post-16 setting is that each session we can exemplify best practice in our sector. 


The majority of teaching on our programmes takes place in modern and well-equipped classrooms. With access to other classrooms and an extensive computer suite, we are able to create a very comfortable and flexible learning environment. Regularly groups will work in separate rooms or use the computer suite for research. Occasional lecture-style delivery for larger groups take place in the Rispoli Theatre.

IT access

With an Independent Learning Centre (ILC) equipped with nearly 100 PCs and a range of Apple Macs, scanners and photocopiers students are ensured excellent IT access. Our HE librarian brings the library to students between 5 and 6pm on a Monday evening in the staff room and is able to advise on research, referencing techniques and use of the facilities.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Since our teacher training programmes are delivered on a part-time basis, it is vital that students can access all learning materials from outside of the class sessions. Our highly developed VLE uses the Moodle platform and allows for students to access learning materials whenever. In addition functionality such as discussion forums, vodcasts and synchronous debates are all employed throughout the year. 

Learning materials

The attention to detail in our teacher training materials and the range of materials used reflects the aim to always show best practice in the delivery of sessions. Each week will incorporate different learning materials dependent on the subject, ranging from PowerPoint presentations to warmer activities, from journal articles to gap fills, from card sorts to video clips. Part of training to teach is learning, through demonstration, where the benefits lie in each different resource in the classroom.

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