Imperial Science in Medicine Prize 2024

Five teams of students took part in this year’s Imperial Science in Medicine Prize. Working together in multi-disciplinary teams with their staff mentors, students used the format of ePosters to present their range of innovative ideas.

Liz Sanders, Associate Director (Pathways) at the College commented, “Students demonstrated both excellent research skills and innovative thinking while at the same time giving consideration to affordability, social acceptability and ethics.” 

“The ePosters were used to illustrate how trends in Science and Engineering will impact on specific areas of Health and Medicine in the future.  What is wonderful to observe is our students’ ability to work independently in their teams and produce innovative entries of an extraordinary standard.”

Reigate College students submitted entries for all five  contests including The British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Prize, The Lung Prize, The Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK Prize, The Vasculitis UK prize and The Global Health Prize. Science in Medicine School Teams Prize 2024 Community Projects

Out thanks to all the staff mentors involved in the competition:  Liz Sanders, Alys Dreux, Sarah Stanton, Emily Al-Haddad and Haitham Hussain

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