Local community comes together to support Wellingara Nursery School in the Gambia

Children in Wellingara Nursery

For almost ten years Reigate College has been supporting the Wellingara Nursery School in the Gambia through donations of clothes and equipment and this year is no exception. 

As part of the College’s annual Equality and Community Day on 26th June, students donated good-quality second-hand clothes which again will be distributed to families living in the villages surrounding the Nursery. This year the children will also receive an extra-special donation as a result of the Football World Cup. 

Members of the Gym Redhill were asked to “give a football” throughout the period of the World Cup and the Gym committed to donate everything that was given to children at the Nursery. Ruth Mitchell, Assistant General Manager at the Gym and former Reigate College student, explains: “We wanted the footballs to go to young people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to play with real footballs so the Wellingara Nursery School is the perfect destination and it’s even better that it also builds on an existing link with the local community through the College.”

Ms Mitchell came into Reigate College to present some of the footballs to Community Tutor Paul Mendy. Mr Mendy, who grew up in the Gambia and goes back annually to visit and distribute donations from the College, said of the Appeal: “If you could see the faces of the children when they receive these footballs…. This will have a huge impact and will make such an enormous difference to them.” All the donated footballs will be distributed along with the clothes later this year.

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