Maths Challenges 2023

Congratulations to all the students who entered this year’s Senior Maths Challenge, and Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (MOG), both of which are run by the UK Maths Trust.

Maths teacher David Neumann, who coordinates the College’s entries for the competitions, and is instrumental in encouraging students to take part said, “94 of our students entered the Senior Maths Challenge this year, which is more participants than we’ve ever had. As a group our students received 17 Gold, 32 Silver and 24 Bronze Certificates which is a brilliant achievement. Two students (Morgan Royer-Kennedy and Riley McEwan) also qualified for the BMO1 round.”

In the Maths Olympiad for Girls (MOG), standout performances were achieved by Upper Sixth students: Ava Long, Anny McGrane and Ruby Gordon-Dowling, gained a certificate of Distinction with Merits being awarded to Gwen Sheehan and Saathana Emmanuel. All the girls who took part were commended on being excellent role models and the hope is that other girls will see the benefit of entering the competition and follow suit next year.

David added “I would like to pay tribute to the two students, Gavin Rouse and Conrad Cox, who started the student-run Maths Club, for all they’ve done to support and run the Maths Club over the last two years. I’m quite sure that the students who’ve taken part in Maths Club have derived a good deal of benefit in terms of preparation for the Challenges, and that this is part of the reason why so many of our students have done so well.”

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