As well as a wide range of CPD programmes and conferences, S7 has developed over the years a series of meeting structures to allow colleagues in similar roles across the colleges to network, share best practice and discuss issues affecting their college role. These meetings take place regularly throughout the year at different venues and provide the backbone of inter-college communication.

Currently many meeting structures exist, including:

  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Directors of Faculty
  • Staff Development Managers
  • Student Services Managers
  • Equality and Diversity Group
  • Learning Support Managers
  • NQT Mentors
  • Marketing Group
  • ESOL Group

Alongside these meeting structures a whole range of ad hoc meetings are set up, either to work on specific issues or projects or to allow, for example, for colleagues to network or shadow in other colleges.


For more information on the meetings organised by S7 please click here.

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