One of the defining features of working in a profession is the requirement to maintain skills and knowledge as your career progresses. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an integral part of moving from the Initial Teacher Training that you receive when you enter the profession to developing wider skills as you continue to teach in the future.

Like all outstanding education institutions, Reigate College focuses closely on ensuring its staff have every opportunity to improve their practice. This includes:

  • A rigorous programme of induction for all new staff
  • In house updating on areas such as Safeguarding
  • Attendance at Exam Board training days on assessment and delivery
  • ILT INSET from our Media and Communications Centre
  • Best practice sharing focused on teaching and learning strategies
  • Guest speakers on specific areas of focus, for example Grade 1 teaching

Above and beyond the programmes offered in house, we are pleased to offer a wider range of CPD in collaboration with our local partners. Some of the programmes and conferences organised in conjunction with our partners are open to delegates from other institutions.

CPD Partners

We are proud to work with a range of local education providers and highly regarded Higher Education institutions in developing CPD programmes and conferences. Together we feel we can offer the best CPD for educational professionals in East Surrey. Currently this collaborative approach includes working with:

S7 is a collective of all the Surrey 6th Form Colleges committed to pursuing excellence through collaboration. Founded in 2002, S7 began as a network of senior managers and has grown to a mature, multi-level organisation offering development and training opportunities to hundreds of its staff each year.

Reigate School is an 11-16 partner school of Reigate College and is graded as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Working closely with the University of Brighton in hosting PGCE students, the school prides itself on the CPD it offers. Reigate School also regularly trains GTP student teachers as part of their CPD programme.

Teachers’ Toolkit

Across the S7 consortium of 6th form colleges we recruit a number of teachers each year who are new to the profession. In most cases these are either NQTs or trainee teachers. Each college provides its own induction programme and support for these new teachers but we are also very proud of the range of S7 Teachers Toolkit training days that have been developed over the course of the year.

A typical year will offer 5 training days, one in each college. It progresses from the basic elements of good teaching practice through to broader concerns as the year progresses.

The training days are delivered by a mixture of guest speakers and experienced S7 teaching staff. They are not currently open to new teachers from colleges and schools outside of S7.

NQT Induction

Alongside the support offered across the S7 Consortium in the form of the S7 Teachers’ Toolkit programme, we are also proud to work in conjunction with one of our partner schools Reigate School on many aspects of NQT Induction.

During 2011/12 we supported Reigate School in the use of a Professional Induction Portfolio which was adopted by several schools across Surrey. In addition to this Reigate School are actively involved in the running of an extremely popular and successful NQT residential conference.


Over the years the S7 Consortium have enhanced the support they provide through bespoke training programmes for all levels of management. There are currently four different courses, ranging from a one day programme investigating the route to securing a role as a Head of Department to a five day Leadership Programme including a residential stay.

The programmes have been continuously improved offer the years and combine participation by senior staff from across the five colleges with outside expertise. The reputation of the programmes has led to delegates applying for places from outside of the consortium, and we would welcome any expressions of interest in joining from colleagues from Surrey and beyond.

Currently the range of programmes includes:

  • Senior leadership programme (New)
  • Leadership programme
  • Heads of department induction
  • Aspiring heads of department training

To contact S7 for enquiries about booking delegates on the programmes please email


CPD takes many forms and as well as organising structured programmes to meet specific training needs, S7 has also developed a range of events. These provide an opportunity for professional updating, reflection and networking and serve to highlight the focus on driving teaching and learning forwards across the network.

Regular conferences include:

Support Staff Conference 
A biennial conference for staff in non-teaching roles that focuses on updating about recent sector developments and honing skills and knowledge in specific areas of work.

Senior Managers Conference 
An annual opportunity to debate issues and agree ideas and proposals for the consortium going forward. Includes SMT from Surrey and Sussex 6th form colleges.

Other events include the biennial Teaching and Learning conference. Past conferences have been held at local universities and featured key note speeches from leading educationalists.

For more information on the events organised by S7 please see the S7 website.

To contact S7 for enquiries about booking delegates on the events please email

Meetings and Conferences

One of the many benefits of working closely with top quality HEIs is that they provide frequent opportunities for our staff to attend seminars and conferences at university level. Such events bring together professionals from all educational settings and showcase the latest research and policy developments.

As well as a wide range of CPD programmes and conferences, S7 has developed over the years a series of meeting structures to allow colleagues in similar roles across the colleges to network, share best practice and discuss issues affecting their college role. These meetings take place regularly throughout the year at different venues and provide the backbone of inter-college communication.

Currently many meeting structures exist, including:

  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Directors of Faculty
  • Staff Development Managers
  • Student Services Managers
  • Equality and Diversity Group
  • Learning Support Managers
  • NQT Mentors
  • Marketing Group
  • ESOL Group

Alongside these meeting structures a whole range of ad hoc meetings are set up, either to work on specific issues or projects or to allow, for example, for colleagues to network or shadow in other colleges.

For more information on the meetings organised by S7 please see the S7 website.

To contact S7 for enquiries about booking delegates on the conferences please email

Contact Us

We hope that you have been interested in the range of CPD activities offered by Reigate College and its partners. We would welcome expressions of interest from any educational professional interested in joining a programme or conference as a delegate.

For all expressions of interest in CPD please contact Nicola Sowe at:

01737 221118