Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) / Diploma in Education and Training (DET)

The In-Service Professional Graduate Certificate (PGCE) or Diploma in Education and Training (DET) is awarded by Canterbury Christ Church University.  
As an in-service training programme, trainees on the full PGCE or DET programme must be employed or working voluntarily as a teacher.  A short Introductory Award in Education and Training (see below) is available if you are not in-service as a teacher.
Successful completion of the PGCE or DET allows you to apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status with the Society for Education and Training.

The overall programme

The programme aims to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching the sector which includes those who teach in 6th Form Colleges, Further Education Colleges, Adult and Community Learning, 14 -19 units in Schools and Academies, Private Organisation and the Public Services.

Diploma/ProfGCE in Education and Training

Both programmes are offered as a part-time mode of study on Monday evenings from 6.00 - 9.00pm, with tutorials from 4.00 - 5.45pm or by appointment. Some sessions during the year are arranged online instead of in class, allowing you the flexibility to complete the study when you wish. The programmes last two years in total and are aimed at teachers and trainers who are already employed. 


The programmes comprise of modules over the two years.  Assessment is by assignments, teaching observations and continuous professional development.  

Aims of the Programmes

  • To provide initial training for practising and prospective teachers and trainers
  • To respond to the changing needs of employers in the lifelong learning sector
  • To encourage the growth of professionalism in the lifelong learning sector

Module Titles (from 2018 start)

  • Module One: Introduction to Teaching and Learning
  • Module Two: Enhancing Teaching and Learning
  • Module Three: The Learner and Learner Progress
  • Module Four: Reflecting on Practice
  • Module Five: Innovating the Curriculum
  • Module Six: Developing Practice

In addition:

You can also choose to take an Introductory Award (20 credits level 4), a specialist route in English or Mathematics or Teaching Learners with Special Needs.

Award in Education and Training

This is for those interested in a teaching career in further and/or adult and community education and trainers in the public and private sector. You do not have to be in a teaching role to undertake the course. The short course consists of Module 1 only (20 credits at level 4) and you may use this short course as credit should you decide to join the Diploma course at a later stage.

Specialist Pathways in English, Mathematics and Teaching Learners with Special Needs

For teachers of English (ESOL, literacy, functional skills) or maths (numeracy, functional skills) or working with learners with special needs, the Diploma, ProfGCE, Certificate can also be taken as subject specialist qualifications.
To join the pathway qualification in the Certificate or Diploma, you need to have 50% of your teaching in the specific subject specialism. You will attend two modules in a subject specialist group at one of our partner colleges and benefit from working with subject specialists as well as learning about specific pedagogy for your subject.

Qualified Teacher Status Learning and Skills

Please note: This teaching qualification does not automatically confer ‘Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills’ (QTLS), so you will need to apply for this status post qualification.  Please see
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