What have you enjoyed most about your courses?

In Computer Science we had a 50/50 split between coding and theory, which meant I learnt the theory and then had a chance to put it into our code. This also helped to give me a greater awareness of how programmes function.

Working on a big coursework project was really enjoyable, as it allowed me to get a feel for what software development could be like, whilst also allowing me to improve my programming.

Tell us about any College Enrichment activities you’ve been involved in

In the Lower Sixth I took part in the Aspire Programme, which gave me an extra hour-long tutorial each week to explore possible future plans and get additional guidance on how to work out which courses and universities to apply to – as well as help with writing a personal statement.

I also played in the College Basketball team and attended Basketball Club, which was a great place to make friends and socialise.

What do you like most about being a student at Reigate College?

We have 4 hours of lessons allocated to each subject a week, which gives me time to study independently and improve my time management. There’s quite a large ILC (Independent Learning Centre) to study in at College.

What’s your plan for when you leave College?

I plan to go to the University of Warwick to study for a BSc in Computer Science, which will allow me to develop my knowledge and skills in this field, and so prepare me for working in the industry.

Aboubacre, 2023

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