What subjects did you study at college?

When I was at Reigate College I studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French A Levels. I’m now in my first year of Medicine at UCL and I’m loving every minute of it!  

How are you finding the transition to university?

I’ve settled in to the daily routine of lectures and practicals incredibly well and although it’s a big step up from A Levels, the Lecturers have been excellent at explaining complicated concepts and talking us through any problems. You’re expected to do a lot of independent work at university, so it’s about finding the right balance between work and play, but you do find your feet very quickly.

The thought of university can be daunting but it really isn’t as scary as it seems and I found that Reigate College was a good stepping stone in helping me prepare me for what university had in store!

Living in London is fantastic as there’s always so much to do. Freshers’ Week was hectic but fun and a great way to meet people and make new friends! My highlight was definitely the Freshers’ Ball at the Ministry of Sound, where we all danced the night away despite having a 9am lecture the next day… 

What advice would you give those looking to work in Medicine?

Applying for Medicine is a very tough process but I’d advise anyone interested to be very patient! It’s hard work completing all the necessary work experience, writing your personal statement, going through the entrance exams and attending the interviews, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. 

Is there anything you’d change about your time at college if you could?

If I could go back and do A Levels all over again, the one thing I’d do differently is not panic over exams so much! You should work hard but also enjoy your time at College!

Anamika Kunnumpurath

Left Reigate College: 2013

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