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Reigate Grammar School

Why did you choose Reigate College?

Having been at independent school from a young age, I felt ready for a change. I also really wanted to study Sociology and that wasn’t a subject on offer at RGS, so the decision was quite an easy one in the end. 

How is College different to school?

I love being at College – it’s more of an adult environment than school, so you’re expected to work hard. I have to think for myself and be more on top of my own workload, which is good preparation for uni. There’s a great mix of people at College and people just accept you for who you are. I don’t feel the intense social pressure here; I’m much happier in myself and able to focus on my studies. 

What are the facilities at College like?

The facilities are excellent; there’s everything you need and plenty of places on campus you can go to get your work done. The teachers are incredibly supportive and encouraging. I’ve really appreciated the extra support class in History that’s helped me develop a more structured approach to planning and writing essays.
There are loads of extra-curricular activities. I’m doing the DofE Gold Award and I did spinning last term. I think it’s good to balance studying with having fun! Charlotte, 2017

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