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St Andrew's

Why did you choose Reigate College?

I appreciated the independent and inclusive atmosphere the College has.

How and why did you decide which subjects to study?

I chose Film Studies as the course interested me and I plan to go into the Film industry as a career after College; Sociology interests me as a subject due to its analysis of issues that are applicable to a lot of our lives; and I chose Maths as it was one of my strongest subjects during secondary school

What have you enjoyed most about your courses?

I like how many of the lessons in Film Studies and Sociology feel like an open discussion where everyone’s individual opinions are heard.

How have you found the teaching and support staff?

The teaching and support staff are great at listening to students. The support staff were really good at responding quickly when I have needed additional support.

Tell us about any College Enrichment activities you’ve been involved in outside regular lessons?

I did an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as part of the Aspire Programme in my Lower Sixth, which taught me a lot about critical thinking and managing my time effectively. I appreciated how much independence we were given in choosing what our EPQ could be about.

What do you like most about being a student at Reigate College?

It feels a lot more adult than secondary school. I feel trusted and respected by the staff which has given me confidence to go to university.

What do you think makes Reigate College a good place to be a student?

It’s a good place to be a student as it supports in whatever way you learn and grow.

What’s your plan for when you leave College?

I plan to go to a Film School after I leave College – my first choice being Manchester Screen and Film. This will allow me to improve the knowledge and skills I need for the Film Industry which I hope to have a career in.

Drew, 2024

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