Why did you choose Reigate College?

Reigate College was the perfect option for me as it offered me the courses I wanted to study and is in a good location, not far from home.

What subjects did you choose and why?

I’ve always wanted to do something science related but wasn’t exactly sure what route to take. At my admissions interview at the College, it became clear that taking Applied Science and Health & Social Care was my best option as I hadn’t taken triple Science at school. Getting a Distinction in these courses will be the equivalent to an A at A Level.

Which subject is your favourite?

Applied Science is my favourite course; it’s helped me to develop skills such as problem-solving and I’ve learnt so much from all the practical work and research that the course has involved.

How have you found the support from the Careers department?

I wasn’t sure which courses to apply for at university so the Careers Department organised a meeting with me and my parents to discuss the different options. They were a great help when it came to writing my personal statement and completing the UCAS forms – they ran special sessions to help students through this process.

What do you like most about College?

The social life at College is great – the Students’ Union organise so many events such as Charity Week, where everyone gets together in the Refectory during lunchtimes.

The different departments also organise social events for their students. College really does offer everything that a student could possibly want: a social life and friends, help getting good results and a place at a good university. It’s also helped me become more responsible and organised.

What are you going to do after College?

After College I’m going to UWE Bristol to do a foundation year, followed by a degree in Biomedical Science. After my degree I’d like to become a Research Scientist and one day help cure diseases in the developing countries.

Farhana, 2014

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