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Priory C of E

Why did you choose Reigate College?

I guess my main reasons were being able to do the courses I wanted to study and studying in an environment that allowed me to be more independent.

How did you find the transition from school to College?

It was relatively easy. Compared to GCSE’s you have to learn a lot more detail for A Levels and take more responsibility for your own learning.

Which is your favourite subject and why?

I enjoy all my subjects but if I had to choose, I’d say Modern History as it relates to the points in history I’m most interested in.

How did you get in to swimming?

I originally got into swimming as a hobby when I started primary school. I started with Dorking Swimming Club and have stayed with them ever since. Now I’m in the top squad at the club, training alongside other high level swimmers.

What’s your greatest swimming achievement to date?

So far it would be at the 2017 Swim England National Summer Championships, where I managed to get first place in the 100m and 50m freestyle events.

How do you juggle your swimming commitments with your academic ones?

As a national level swimmer I have to train consistently most days of the week, both in and out of the pool. As long as you’re organised and keep on top of things it’s fine. I make sure I make the most of my free periods at College which I use for catching up on work.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I plan to take my swimming as far as I can, whether that’s just until the rest of my College life, or to a professional level. After College I’d like to pursue a career related to swimming or try and find an apprenticeship related to my A levels.

George, 2019

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