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Why did you choose Reigate College?

It seemed like the most academic college near me, and I wanted to push myself.

How and why did you decide which subjects to study?

At first, I wanted to be an Investment Banker and my subjects seemed to combine well together. I thought to get into uni, they would all be beneficial to me.

What have you enjoyed most about your courses?

I enjoy Business a lot, as well as Economics, as they have real world application. They allow me to analyse the real world around me and know why businesses and governments make certain decisions

What do you think makes Reigate College a good place to be a student?

There are many enrichment opportunities for students covering most hobbies. The College caters for its students and goes out of its way to make us feel important and heard.

What’s your plan for when you leave College?

I’m planning on becoming a Pilot with the RAF.

Henry, 2024

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