I had a great time at College. Two of the subjects I studied were BTECs which I really enjoyed as it was more coursework-based, which measured my progress over my whole time at College. Doing BTECs impacted my future hugely, as it made me realise that I work better with coursework-based study than exams. This in turn led me towards an apprenticeship rather than university.

I secured my Level 4 Public Relations and Communications apprenticeship with the Government Communications Service just before my final exams. From October 2019, I worked for 18 months across multiple departments within the Ministry of Defence, learning internal communications, digital communications, media, press and more. About 80% of my time was spent doing work for my team, with the other 20% studying for my qualification. This was a mix of essays, attending apprenticeship seminars and doing online learning. On completion, I was promoted to Assistant Communications Officer in the internal communications team, where I worked until March 2022.

I then moved on to Superdrug HQ as an Internal Communications Executive helping to run internal events, writing newsletters, supporting social media and making visits to stores and distribution centres.

My next step was joining Maximus UK, where I’ve now been for over 18 months. My role involves leading on the weekly newsletter, writing news articles, and lots more. I particularly enjoy running internal events, as I get to travel all over the country which is great fun. I really enjoy my role as it allows me to be creative, while meeting a lot of people in the business. Working in the team that produces all internal news means you have people from every team speaking to you and can build relationships with multiple people. I also work remotely, which I find a huge bonus!

Looking back, I wish I’d known that everything was going to work out. When you’re at College, it’s easy to think you must make huge decisions for your future and this can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I would advise people to follow their heart: If what they choose to do works out, then they’re very lucky to have found a career they’re passionate about at a young age! I also wish I’d known that it was absolutely okay to do an apprenticeship. When I was starting mine, there was still so much stigma around them, like it was the option for people who couldn’t get into university, which really isn’t the case.

My advice to people interested in going into a communications, public relations or an events career would be to do it! I’ve loved every second – the lows are learning curves, and the highs are so rewarding. I would encourage anyone looking at this career to do an apprenticeship. Mine was incredible and I’m so grateful that I was able to take part.

I feel extremely lucky with how my career has gone. There’s been challenges along the way, but I absolutely love my job and think I’ll stay in internal communications for a long time.

Honey Meakings

Reigate College: 2017-2019

Apprenticeship: Level 4 PR & Communications Apprentice working at the Ministry of Defence

Currently: Internal Communications Executive, Maximus UK

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