What made you decide to come to Reigate College instead of staying at your school’s sixth form?

Reigate offered a wider range of courses than my school, including BTEC courses, which suited my learning style better.

What’s your favourite subject and why?

I enjoy both of my courses – they’re interesting and relevant to a career in the Healthcare sector. I really enjoyed the work experience aspect of the Health & Social Care course, as it was a great way to see what it’s like to work in a health and social care environment.

What are your future plans and how did you decide on which degree to study?

I plan on going to university to study to become a Paramedic. I decided on this career path after joining St John Ambulance and later the British Red Cross, providing first aid at events. The more I learnt about the job, the more I was sure it was a career I’d enjoy.

What single thing on your CV has helped you get ahead?

I’m currently working towards completing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, having volunteered at Oxfam, taken up rock climbing and provided first aid at events.

The expeditions were the highlight of the Award despite the bad weather and I’ve had the chance to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, for example Tall Ship sailing with a mixed ability crew.

James, 2015

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