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Why did you chose your combination of subjects?

I’ve always loved Art so I was always going to do it at A Level. I got onto the A Level Music and Music Tech courses via audition. I sing and play the guitar to a reasonable standard and was keen to get more formal training in both Music and Music Tech.

How have you found your subjects and being in Music generally?

The combination of subjects works really well. There’s obviously a massive overlap between Music and Music Tech.

I’ve been working as a sound engineer for about 10 months and have set up own company Two Face Promotions – through which I test out bands and venues.

I perform as Joss Malcolmson supported by three core band members – two of whom (Matt James and Tom Dickinson) were also at the College doing Music.

Have you been involved in anything musically, outside of lessons?

Loads. Everything from Jazz Club in my first year to Chamber Choir (both years), Battle of the Bands, Spring and Winter Concerts, Refectory gigs and the Freshers’ Party.

What’s your involvement with local music charity New Music Nights and New Music Fest?

I’ve played at 11 or 12 New Music Nights (held on Friday nights, once a month, at locations around Reigate) and am headlining at this year’s New Music Fest on Colley Lane in Reigate.

Joss, 2019

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