Lauren Costin, who was previously at Reigate School, left Reigate College in 2007 is currently working at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton on the Children’s Oncology Inpatient Ward.

What did you enjoy about studying at Reigate?

The choice of subjects you can do and the chance to pick exactly what you wanted to study. I liked the emphasis being on independent learning, as it helped prepare me really well for university.

What subjects did you study at College?

I did Maths, Spanish, Health & Social Care and Photography at AS Level and continued with Photography and Health & Social Care at advanced Level and also did a course in Sports Leadership.

Why did you choose Nursing?

I knew I wanted to work with children, but I wasn’t really sure in what capacity. After a meeting with one of the College’s Careers staff I looked into courses in Nursing and decided that that was the course for me!

Where did you do your training and what qualifications in Nursing do you have?

I went to Birmingham City University to do a Dip H.E. in Children’s Nursing (which I believe they’ve since changed to a degree). I’m currently studying for a degree in Paediatric Oncology, which I’m doing at the same time as working.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The thing I enjoy most about my job is being able to help people. You can’t change the diagnosis or prognosis that a patient is given, but you can ensure that patients and their families have the best possible experience, care and support.

What tips or advice can you give for any students thinking about a career in Nursing?

Be prepared to work hard and take on a lot of responsibility from the beginning. Nursing is such a rewarding career. It’s a privilege to be able to help people. You’ll make the closest, life-long friends throughout your training and career, as you’ll go through things with them that other people will probably never experience.


Left Reigate College: 2007

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