Interview with Lawrence Picking

Where were you at school and what are you studying at College? 

I was at Reigate School before coming to College and am doing A Levels in P.E., English, Psychology and History. I’m enjoying the combination of subjects especially P.E. and Psychology. It’s interesting learning about human behaviour and what causes us to act in the way that we do. 

How are you finding the A Level P.E. course? 

Sport is a big part of my life and so P.E. was an obvious choice for me to do at A Level. As well as topics being developed from the GCSE course, we’re covering lots of new areas. I like the physical aspect of being involved in Sport, but also enjoy learning about the science behind it – in subjects like Physiology. The social aspects are interesting too – the impact Sport can have in schools and grass roots development. 

What’s your sporting background? 

I played rugby for Old Reigatians until I was thirteen and then went on to play at school and now for the College team. I’ve been involved in playing football since I was six, playing first for South Park and then Reigate Priory Football Clubs, as well as playing for both school and College teams. 

What’s your favourite sport and why? 

I enjoy both rugby and football because they both offer the chance to work as a team, meet new people and keep fit and healthy. 

How are you finding College Sport? 

I’ve been playing for both College rugby and football teams (there are two rugby teams and three football teams) and as expected have got a lot out of it. It’s great having regular fixtures. I’m the kind of person who feels a bit uneasy when I don’t play sport regularly. 

What do you get out of playing as a member of a team? 

It’s one of the best ways to build social skills and strengthen old and new friendships. It’s taught me how to respect others around me and helped develop my playing ability. 

How do you keep fit? 

I do at least an hour of exercise each day – either running, going to the gym or taking part in a match of some kind. 

Who are your sporting heroes and why? 

Chris Robshaw, the former England rugby captain. He played in two Rugby World Cups and four Six Nations tournaments whilst playing for Harlequins in the premiership. Also, Iker Casillas because I play in goal and I learnt a lot from watching his performances as a goalkeeper. 

What are your plans after College? 

I‘d like to study Sports Development at university and ideally pursue a career in coaching. My dream would be to coach at premier league level. I believe if you set your sights high, anything is possible.

Lawrence Picking, May 2016

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