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What do you think is special about Reigate College?

The College staff are determined to help you achieve your potential. It might seem like a big place, but you get a lot of support. I have severe Dyslexia and Asperger’s; I can’t write and I’m only just starting to learn to read, but this hasn’t stopped me – I got an A* in my A Level Mathematics. The College arranges for a Learning Facilitator to sit with me during every lesson, acting as my scribe and reading to me. 

How did you find the move from school to College?

It was a challenge at first for me; just getting here involves catching two trains! It’s been worth it though – I can see I’ve made enormous progress. 

What do you like most about College?

I like that you’re always kept busy – there’s no time to get bored! It’s a friendly working environment; students actually want to learn and not wearing a school uniform is nice too. 

Are you involved with any activities outside lessons?

I go to Electronics Club on Wednesday lunchtimes. It’s a really friendly place and we get to design and make circuits. 

Are you going on to further study?

I’m going to Warwick University to study Mathematics. 

Leon, 2016

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