Interview with Liam Hunt

Liam is in the Lower Sixth studying A Level Physical Education, Geography and Business and he’s also doing the Fitness & Gym Instructors qualification. 

How have you found settling in at College?

I was at Reigate School before coming to College. It was a really easy transition; the mix of independence and support from teachers has been great and there’s a positive and happy atmosphere about the place. 

How would you describe Futsal?

It’s a fast-paced, exciting five-a-side football game that originated in South America. 

How is the game different from the traditional five-a-side?

Well, it focuses more on creativity, control and passing. The ball is smaller with less bounce and there are no kickboards on the pitch. The game is a lot faster; players only have four seconds to take goal kicks and kick-ins and there is no off-side rule. 

When did you start playing?

For my fourth birthday my dad bought me a Futsal ball and I used to practise all the time with it. At age 13, I started playing for a Futsal team in Surrey and then age 15, I started training and playing for the London Genesis Club which plays in the FA National Futsal Super League. Recently I was selected for the England U19 squad, which was amazing as I’m one of the youngest players. Earlier this month we travelled to Holland for the team’s first-ever international friendly matches, which we won 4-2 and 3-1. 

What do you enjoy about the game?

The speed and pace of the game gives a great adrenaline rush which I love. Also, being only five a-side means there is constant involvement for every player, as the possession is changing hands all the time. 

Where do you play?

I train in Leyton and at the University of East London but I’ve also had the chance to play at St George’s Park, the Copperbox and Manchester Velodrome. I’m also coaching and playing for the Reigate College Futsal team; we’re hoping to be playing in the Futsal League next year. 

What are your plans for the future?

I want to take Futsal as far as I can, whether that means playing in the UK or overseas. I hope to secure a scholarship for university to study Sport and Business and I’d love the honour of playing in the England team for a major tournament. 

Liam Hunt, March 2018

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