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Oasis Academy

I enjoyed my time at College, studying the subjects I was interested in and having the independence to manage my studies alone. Although I spent some of my first year with online teaching during the pandemic, I was quick to get back up to speed when things returned to normal.

Lunchtime clubs such as badminton and table tennis were good fun and I enjoyed catching up (and revising) with my friends. I found the Careers team and Aspire programme resources aided my interview preparation, such as getting feedback on my CV.

Originally, I planned on attending university; I’d already applied for my five choices when I heard more about apprenticeships through a friend and during tutorial time at College. That’s when I decided to explore the website and started to apply for a few. After multiple interview rounds with different companies, I received an offer from JP Morgan to become a technology apprentice. I’m currently in my second year and specialise in software engineering.

Currently, I’m working in a team servicing a product that provides JP Morgan with crucial insights into its people and assets. This means working with lots of data to create new points of interest and finding the clearest, most efficient ways to present these. Each product has its own ‘roadmap’ and as a developer, it is my job to find the most logical methods of achieving the tasks within it. It’s an intriguing team to be a part of and I’m enjoying slowly increasing my responsibilities as my skills continue to grow.

Some of my time is also spent helping the Young Careers team to spread the word about apprenticeships and work experience, specifically at JP Morgan and also more generally. I also play a part in recruiting new apprentices and help mentor those who are just starting their careers. It’s incredibly rewarding being able to make such a big impact so early on in my career and at such a young age.

University isn’t the only option these days! Make sure to take a look at potential routes into the sector that interests you: apprenticeships are great. Do your research sooner rather than later – degree apprenticeships are amazing opportunities and as they become more popular, the places will go more quickly! I recommend being clued up on the opening and closing dates for each company’s application process.

Finally, be yourself and believe in yourself: everyone is different and that is so important. Don’t be afraid to do something different to your peers. If something is not for you, at least you will have the experience to know that: use it as motivation to try something new!

Luke Jetten

Reigate College: 2020-2022

Higher Education: BSc Digital and Technology Solutions, Exeter University while working as a Degree Apprentice (Software Engineering) with JP Morgan

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