Why did you choose Reigate College?

I chose Reigate College as it offered all the subjects I wanted to study, and all the staff members seemed really friendly and approachable.

How and why did you decide which subjects to study?

I chose them based on what interests me most and was excited by the prospect of studying them in more depth.

How did you find the move from school to College?

The initial jump from secondary school to College felt quite daunting at first, but the teachers were all super supportive and made the transition much easier than it could have been.

What have you enjoyed most about your Dance course?

I’ve really enjoyed participating in various workshops, as they’ve helped me increase both my confidence and knowledge about Dance.

What’s your plan for when you leave College?

My plan is to study Forensic Psychology at university. I can put the team-building and communication skills I learnt in Dance to good use!

Macy, 2024

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