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What made you choose Reigate College?

Previously I went to Reigate school, so Reigate College was the natural choice for my sixth form studies. I looked around a few other sixth forms and Reigate was the one I liked most. It was also great to be back together with friends from my Junior school.

What subjects did you study and why?

I always knew that I wanted to study science based subjects where not much essay writing was required. I chose Further Mathematics because I knew it would give me a head start when it came to university choices and applications, especially for Maths or Maths-heavy courses. I chose Physics because I was fascinated by the world and popular science books such as Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” and Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe”.

Taking the Extended Project Qualification broadened and enriched my time at College, and I enjoyed studying in-depth a subject of my own choice; I produced and documented an electronics project – an Hi-Fi amplifier. I was really pleased with the result and enjoyed the whole process.

What was your favourite subject?

My favourite subject at College was Physics because it deals with the most fundamental aspects of our existence in a rigorous way, while being readily applicable to the outside world and other fields.

How did you find the College as a whole?

The atmosphere at College was welcoming and relaxed: many teachers use first names with students and were happy to offer help and advice outside of lesson time.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently studying Physics at Sussex University, having achieved two A’s and two A*s in my A Levels. After my degree I’d like to either consider further studies, a career in a financial or Law firm or move into a more applied engineering based field. There are a wide range of opportunities open to Physics graduates.

Nick Ayres

Left Reigate College: 2012

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