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When did you attend Reigate College and what did you study?

I joined Reigate College from Oakwood School in Horley in the autumn of 1998 and studied three A Levels in Business Studies, Computing and Maths.

What did you do after you left?

When I left the College I went on to do a BSc in Internet Computing, then took 6 months off to do some travelling, before coming back and starting a career in web development.

I now run the internet consultancy Big Orange Software and have been involved in a variety of projects with the College.

What did you enjoy about your time at college?

During my time at Reigate, I particularly enjoyed Business Studies and Computing, both of which taught me a great deal of useful things, even if I didn’t realise it at the time! For me, being able to apply what I was learning to the real world was important. James Bentley, a Business Studies teacher, always made the lessons interesting, which probably explains why I remember and use so much from his classes today.

One of my most memorable College trips was a field trip to Barcelona where we spent half a day at the Nou Camp. All was fine until we came to leave and realised we’d been locked in!

Paul Jarrett

Left Reigate College: 1999

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