I always look back on my time at Reigate College fondly, as some of the happiest years of my teens. The immensely friendly atmosphere with lots of sociable areas and team sports allowed me to make many friends from other schools and areas (some of whom are still my very best friends today).

Medicine is such a remarkable vocation that will set you up for a lifetime of fascinating work. The scope of practice is vast with multiple specialities to choose from to suit every personality. Whilst the hours can be long and the work physically and emotionally tough at times, there is never a boring day. Being a Doctor and helping people when they are at their weakest is a responsible but highly rewarding job. I could never imagine doing anything else!

Ross Holcombe-Law

Reigate College: 2004-2006

Higher Education: Pharmacology, Southampton University. Medicine (MBBS), Durham University and Newcastle Medical School

Currently: Training to be a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthetics

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