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What did you do after you left Reigate?

After leaving Reigate College in 2010, I went on to study Music at Goldsmiths, specialising in Performance. I graduated this summer with a First Class Honours Degree. 

How did your time at Reigate inspire you to pursue a career in music?

When I was at Reigate College I studied Music, Maths and French. My time was largely centred round the Music Department which was full, even during lunchtimes, with people who were so fascinated with music that they simply didn’t want to go anywhere else. People were constantly rehearsing, performing, practicing, and studying Music.

Through inspiring teaching and the sheer extent of activity in the department, I was exposed to sounds and ideas which intrigued me and demanded further study.

What made you choose Goldsmiths?

I was attracted to study at Goldsmiths because of the diversity of Musicians there, both students and Lecturers. I was given the opportunity to study such a wide variety of Music – from Corelli to John Zorn. Some days I’d be improvising with Jazz Musicians and other days I’d be playing a flute Concerti with the university’s Symphony Orchestra. 

As students we were continually working on the next recital. We performed the UK premiers of pieces by Prokofiev and Denisov and got to meet the leading figures in post-Soviet Music. We also played at London’s most well respected concert halls and took lessons with some of the country’s finest performers. 

What are your plans for the future?

My real passion is for ensemble and orchestral performance. I’m currently saving up for a Masters in Orchestral Performance at a German Musikhochschule.

Tom Sargeaunt

Left Reigate College: 2010

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