Results Day successes

Laura Codd (left) and Kiara Tighe

With so many individual Results Day success stories to pick from, it’s tricky singling out just a few – but here’s a flavour:

Law students Will Fox and Tom Brunswick secure top grades

Will Fox who was at Royal Alexandra and Albert School before starting at College and Tom Brunswick, who was previously at St Andrews C of E, both exceeded their expectations on A Level results day, with Will achieving three As for Business, Geography and Law, and Tom gaining an A in History to add to his Distinction *s for both BTEC Law and BTEC Business.

Will said, “I’ve got a place at Liverpool to do Law, but now I know my results, I’m going to take a gap year and do some travelling first. My mum was in tears when I told her what I got!”

Tom added, “I knew I needed an A in History to get in to York University to do Law. I was nowhere near that in my last interim report, so I knew I had my work cut out – but my teachers were brilliant and I appreciate now the importance of hard work and additional revision sessions! I still can’t believe I did it!’

Medicine Successes

This year’s Medicine successes include:

  • Rachael Foulsham, who achieved three A* grades and will be going to Edinburgh University
  • Arun Nithianantharajah, who gained three A*s and is off to UCL
  • Carly Munn, who also got three A*s and is also going to UCL
  • Morgan Howland, who with one A* and two As is off to Bristol University
  • Ben McCabe, who with two A*s and a B is taking up his place at Keele University

‘Over the moon’ with happiness

The mother of student Ailsa Clark, Iona, said she was “over the moon” when hearing her daughter had been accepted at Oxford to read History of Art.  She said, “I’m feeling exhausted. My husband and I had such a sleepless night. We were at home last night, while Ailsa was out enjoying herself in the pub! We’re simply thrilled for her.”

Vocational degrees for BTEC students

Kira Tighe and and Laura Codd, both did all BTEC Level 3 programmes and cleared the board with Distinction *s. 

Kira, who was previously at Reigate School gained Distinction *s in both the BTEC Diploma in Sport (two A Level equivalent) and the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (one A Level equivalent).

Kiara who’s off to study Physiotherapy at Coventry University said, “Doing BTECs definitely eases the pressure as they’re more coursework based and everything doesn’t rest on doing well in the final exams. I knew I was on for Distinction *s and was offered an unconditional place to do Physiotherapy at Coventry University three weeks ago.”

Laura Codd, who was at Rosebery School and is going on to do Paramedic Science at Surrey University also gained Distinction *s in both the BTEC Diploma in Health & Social Care (two A Level equivalent) and BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (one A Level equivalent).

Laura added, “Doing BTECs was the right choice for me. I can’t wait to start my Paramedic Science course!” 

Off to Leeds to study Economics and Politics

Ciara Wilson, who was at St. Bede’s School before starting at Reigate College gained two A*s in Economics and Politics and an A in Maths. She’s taking up a place to read Economics and Politics at Leeds University.

Ciara said, “It’s such a relief when you find out you’ve got what you need to go to your first choice uni. We’re all going to Mishikos in Reigate to celebrate this evening. I think most of Reigate College will be there!”

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