Student Experience

Student Experience

Parity of experience

Studying a PGCE post-16 in a sixth form college offers the best of both worlds – the academic rigour and research of the university with the realistic environment and real-time teaching experience of the college. To ensure that our HE students experience parity with their colleagues studying at the university we attend regular meetings, network conferences and assessment events to ensure parity.

Places to relax

Reigate College is fortunate to enjoy spacious and modern areas for socialising and taking a break in the staffroom. Here you may work on group projects or simply relax with a hot drink during a pause in study. The staffroom is only available from 5pm to 9pm on evenings when we have teacher training sessions, but this also allows you to have an early tea before studies commence!

Course representatives

Within the first few weeks we seek the nomination of two student representatives per year group to join the programme committee meetings once per term. This representation, in addition to programme evaluations, allows the student voice to be incorporated into all aspects of curriculum and allows a rapid response to the consensus opinion.

Tutorial arrangements

These sessions are one-on-one with a named tutor and support completion of your Progress Log. As well as meeting your tutors weekly in sessions you will be able to contact them whenever you have queries about your work and arrange academic tutorials if required.


There is ample parking from 5.00pm - 9.00pm at the college in a secure environment on the evenings when teacher training sessions are held.

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