Student Support

The College has an excellent system of pastoral support, in which the Personal Tutor plays a lead role. 

Tutorial System

All students become part of a tutor group and are allocated a Personal Tutor, who is normally one of their key subject teachers. The Personal Tutor is usually in contact with the student at least four times a week - three times for lessons and once a week for the tutorial session, which is compulsory.

Their Tutor will get to know them well, and will be responsible for them throughout their time at the College. He or she will be one of the people with whom students can discuss any academic, personal or social problems.

Monitoring Students

The student’s tutor group forms part of a Faculty, led by Directors and Assoicate Directors of Learning,  Pastoral and Associate Pastoral Directors and Senior Tutors, in addition to their Personal Tutor.

Working together, all parties will:

  • monitor a student’s progress
  • offer advice and guidance on the students’ performance
  • help the student plan their future, for example finding a job or applying to university

In addition, subject teachers hold regular interviews with each of their students. Students will develop an individual learning plan with targets for attendance, effort and achievement. This plan is regularly reviewed so that they know how well they are doing and what they need to do next.

The College puts great emphasis on developing close links with the student’s parents or guardians.

To make this possible:

  • reports are sent to parents four times a year
  • there are regular consultation evenings to enable parents to discuss progress with subject staff
  • the Personal Tutor or subject teacher will get in touch with parents if a problem arises
  • Pastoral Directors or Senior Tutors may also contact parents
  • we always welcome parents in the College

Our aim is that students, parents and College staff are all fully involved with progress, and that all parties feel able to contact each other about problems affecting a student’s ability to achieve their potential.

The Pastoral Teams: 

The College is divided into two faculties with different Tutors, Senior Tutors, Associate Directors and Directors in each.   



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