Students hold the front page in journalism workshop

Monday (17 June) saw Lower Sixth English and Media students act as the editorial team for a fictional news desk in a session run by Editorial Development Director Lucy Dyer from The School of Journalism.

Richard Vardy, Head of English, explained, “Our students really engaged in the discussions to determine which stories would make the front page, and which deserved a lower billing. It was great way to develop skills in a key area of the curriculum for both subjects, as students need to know how to evaluate the importance of audience and purpose on media texts.

“Students very much enjoyed the collaborative nature of the workshop, developing their understanding of what makes an effective news story. It was such a fascinating insight into the decisions and dilemmas that journalists and editors face day-to-day.” 

Thanks so much to Lucy for giving her time to run such an interactive activity and answering questions on careers in the profession.

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