Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

 It may seem an oversimplification of the very complex and multi-faceted discipline of education but it is fair to say that the following approaches are at the heart of all good teaching:

  • A clear understanding of student needs
  • A varied range of teaching and learning strategies that differentiate according to these needs
  • A real enthusiasm for the subject and ability to communicate this
  • An affinity with students and ability to build and maintain rapport
  • Subject knowledge, including understanding of assessment and the wider context of the subject

Whilst we acknowledge that especially adult learning draws immensely from the skills and experiences of the learners in the class as well as of the teacher, we would like to commit ourselves as tutors to delivering our sessions in class and on-line with these successful approaches in mind at all times.

What is particularly important to note is that although you are studying an academic higher education programme, there is a vital vocational element.  For this reason sessions will promote teaching and learning strategies that represent best practice in post-16yrs teaching.

Therefore alongside the expected lectures, tutorials and discussions you will also experience a range of teaching and learning approaches, eg

  • Warmer activities to recap prior learning – quizzes, gap fills, card sorts
  • Interactive presentations with targeted Q & A
  • Group work – pair problem solving or larger group projects
  • Student led presentations and micro-teaches
  • E-learning approaches including discussion forums and streaming videos
  • Role play, demonstration and simulation
  • Guest lectures from experts and senior college managers

Above all we aim to equip you with as many strategies as possible to be successful in your own teaching!

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