Teagwen shares wonders of the microbial world

Past student Teagwen Cameron shared her passion for a life scientific through an in-person talk on Microbiology today (Tuesday 9 January).  As well as giving an overview of studying the subject at degree level, Teagwen also reflected on her hands-on experience working in industry and in the lab.

Teagwen said, “I’m driven by a desire to investigate the science behind the world’s infectious diseases.  Since leaving College, I’ve completed a placement year with Arxada, a global chemicals business, giving me invaluable experience in their Research and Development team.

“I’m now focused on writing my dissertation, for which I’ve spent time in the lab researching a group of viruses prioritised by the World Health Organisation. I’m also in the process of applying for PhDs to further my science career.”

Head of Biology Alys Dreux said, “Students can find it mind-blowing when they discover how one tiny part of the syllabus has the potential to expand into someone’s life’s work in science. For our students to hear how quickly Teagwen has started doing practical work that is contributing new, important scientific evidence is really inspiring and motivating. Huge thanks to Teagwen for giving her time to us.”

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Reigate College Alumni, Teagwen giving a presentation about Microbiology at Leeds University
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