Reigate College recognises its educational responsibility to support and promote environmental sustainability and is actively working towards achieving the goals set out in the Climate Action for UK FE Colleges Roadmap.

Addressing climate change is a significant challenge for all organisations and Reigate College has a duty to play its part. This includes considering the environmental implications of any development of the College site, how staff and students travel to College and how to increase awareness and promote positive approaches to sustainability.

Sustainability Committee

Reigate Learning Alliance set up a Sustainability Committee in June 2022 and membership is open to all Reigate College staff. Part of the Committee’s remit is to assist staff in embedding Education for sustainable development (ESD) within teaching and learning.

Sustainability Committee Terms of Reference

Sustainability Policy

The Committee carried out a survey in November 2023 asking students how they travel to Reigate College.

Green Initiatives

Our recent initiatives include:

  • Installation of solar panels on the roofs of Langham and Business buildings
  • Installation of EV chargers in the car park
  • Completion of LED lighting installation across the site
  • Working with consultants to calculate our base carbon footprint and develop a decarbonisation plan for the site
  • Salix grant for boiler replacement
  • Green Week
  • Two tree planting initiatives: trees were donated by Clarion and planted by the student members of the Sustainability Committee and trees have also been donated by the Woodland Trust under their Free Trees for Schools and Communities programme.

Carbon Literacy Award

The Carbon Literacy Award is run as part of the College’s Enrichment Programme and forms part of its larger College commitment to sustainability. In 2024 7 Reigate College students received the Carbon Literacy Award.