Work Experience and Employer Insight Days

Reigate College has a dedicated Work Experience Coordinator based in E102 who is able to provide support and advice on securing a valuable work experience placement. 
Work Experience can be essential for certain career paths, for example Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry or Nursing, but also extremely beneficial for many others. We encourage all Students to be aware of opportunities which the Careers department share via the weekly Careers Bulletin.
Working in partnership
The College works in partnership with a number of organisations to offer work experience placements and industry insight experiences to our students. In this way we can ensure that the opportunities are given to the students who will really benefit from them and organisations can be reassured that they are getting suitable and willing candidates. 
For example in 2016 and 2017 several Reigate College Students spent a week at Canon, learning first-hand about the business and meeting employees across a number of departments. The insights gained have helped the students assess potential career paths, increase their business awareness and demonstrated the importance of ‘employability skills’.
Future Opportunities
Reigate College is always looking to expand the opportunities open to its students.  If your firm would be willing to offer opportunities for work experience or work shadowing please contact Sam Burnett, Work Experience Coordinator at Reigate College ( on 01737 221118 ext 633).
For further information about Career opportunities, please 'like' the Reigate College Facebook page.
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