19 students achieve MVD offers in 2023!

An astonishing 19 Reigate College students have achieved offers for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry in 2023.

18 current students and 1 former student have obtained at least one offer:

13 offers Medicine

5 offers for Veterinary Science

1 offer for Dentistry

Liz Sanders who runs the MVD Programme at the College explained, “Schools and colleges with MVD Programmes, can typically expect to achieve around 4 offers.  So we’re seriously bucking the trend at Reigate College!” 

Khushee Patel, who was previously at St. Bede’s is just one example of students who are now selecting Reigate College for their sixth form,  specifically for its MVD Programme.  Khushee who got offers from all four of her Med School choices is hoping to take up a place at UCL (University College London).  She said, “The MVD Programme at Reigate was a major selling point.  I’ve been given invaluable support on my journey to applying to Medicine, including tackling the UCAT (entrance exam), finding relevant work experience, taking part in Operating Live (a live dissection) and being able to talk to different doctors about their experiences.”   

Our thanks to Liz Sanders and her team for all they do to help students achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, vets and dentists.

Khushee wearing a lab coat
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