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The Aspire University Pathway

The Aspire University Pathway is designed to ensure high-achieving students receive targeted advice and guidance to enable them to make successful applications to the most competitive courses at the most prestigious universities.

 In addition to a timetabled, extra weekly seminar, students also benefit from:

  • The opportunity to take additional Qualifications, such as the Extended Project Qualification
  • Oxbridge Support, involving the allocation of a specialist subject mentor and opportunities to attend conferences and take part in sessions with visiting Oxbridge representatives
  • Specific Enrichment Activities, including Specialist Careers Pathways, for MVD (Medicine, Vets and Dentists), Women in STEM and Careers in Health (such as Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy). Please see the Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry Pathways leaflet for more information.
  • General Enrichment Activities, including D of E Gold, Debating and Shares 4 Schools
  • Work Experience opportunities, instigated via the College’s Careers Department

Students’ eligibility for the Aspire University Programme is based on their prior achievement at GCSE and suitable students will be invited onto the programme as part of the College’s enrolment process.

Download Aspire University Pathway leaflet