Admissions Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

The College currently accepts students from a range of schools within and out of the county, including independent schools, and seeks to exercise an open and fair admissions process, in accordance with its agreed admissions policy.

Download the Reigate College Admissions Policy here.

A student’s chance of obtaining a place is generally improved the earlier they apply, and the date of application is recorded.

Students who apply after the initial deadline of 1 November (in any academic year) will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted by Admissions should a place become available.

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions:

Admissions and starting at Reigate College

A1: As long as they meet the admissions requirements (usually five GCSE passes (grades 4-9) and acceptable school report and attendance figures), they will be guaranteed a place.

Please note: Students applying from one of the College’s seven partner schools (Carrington, de Stafford, Merstham Park, Oakwood, Reigate, The Beacon School and The Priory School) will be required to complete a special partner school online application form.

A2: Nearly 60% of the College intake is from non-partner schools, so if your son/daughter is considering Reigate College, then it is recommended they apply and their chances are improved if they apply before 2nd November.

A3: Yes. Applications should be received before 1 November and will then be considered against the College’s Admissions Policy. Any application received after 1 November will automatically be placed on the College’s waiting list.

A4: Choices Day is an extremely important day and it is a requirement that all prospective Lower Sixth students attend.

The day is designed to give new students the chance to try out their chosen subjects and meet their peer group, so that they can leave, looking forward to the prospect of spending the next 2 years at the College!

Some students’ GCSE results don’t go quite as planned (for better or worse!) and other students simply change their minds about what they want to study, so for these students Choices Day provides the opportunity to weigh up any possible changes to their study programme.

Students who are are unable to attend Choices Day should contact the College in advance. Failure to do so will result in places being withdrawn and offered to other students.

A5: As long as the College is notified in advance, and you receive an acknowledgement from the College, your son or daughter’s place will be held.

Special Requirements

A6: Reigate College will do all that it can to accommodate any student who applies before 2 November. (Please see Student Support and Welfare and Communications, Policies and Procedures.) Students will be considered on a case-specific basis. Parents should send an accompanying letter with their son/daughter’s application explaining the nature of the support their son/daughter would require, if studying at Reigate.

Grades and Courses

A7: Students will probably be advised to change the mix of courses they want to do, to ensure they have the best possible chance of doing well.  They will be able to discuss their options with a tutor on Choices Day (end of August).

If they don’t have at least five GCSEs at grades 4-9, they may be offered the opportunity of joining the College’s Intermediate Programme. This involves spending one year doing a mixture of Level 2 Courses (BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificates and GCSEs).

Students who achieve suitable grades on the Intermediate Programme can then stay on for a further two years and do A Levels and/or BTEC Level 3 courses. There are approximately 100 students who follow this route each year. 

Some students may be advised to consider more vocational courses at other Colleges, rather than studying at Reigate.

A8: Yes. Students should discuss their concerns with a tutor on Choices Day and during the one-to-one consultation they will have with an experienced member of staff between Choices Day and the start of the Autumn Term.

Once the Autumn Term has started, students should raise any issues relating to their subject choices with their personal tutor. It is very important that a student is on the right course and our staff will continually give help and advice to ensure that the subjects chosen are suited to an individual’s needs.

Once timetables have been issued students need to give their courses a chance before asking to change them, as it’s perfect normal to go through an adjustment phase.

The College tries to be as flexible as possible in accommodating subject changes but it is unusual to change courses after the first couple of weeks of term.

A9: Yes. All students who have not achieved a pass (grade 4-9) in GCSE Maths or English will be expected to re-sit these courses while at College.

Extra-Curricular Queries

A10: The College offers the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award which we very much hope students who’ve done their Silver and or Bronze Award will sign up to.  Students who’ve not done or completed either the Bronze or Silver Award will still be eligible for the Gold Award.

Students are given information about the Award during the College enrolment process and can formally sign up to it via an interview held after Choices Day.

A11: The College offers an extremely comprehensive Activities Programme which includes a range of sporting, creative and skills-based activities (see Activities Programme). Obviously the College has to uphold the government’s social distancing guidelines because of Covid 19 so please anticipate things being different for at least the beginning of the academic year 2019/2020.

A12: In non-Covid years, the College competes in a number of cups and competitions against other schools and colleges – across a range of sports. Please see College Sport.

In normal circumstances, all students are given the opportunity to trial for a College team.  Students can find out more about what’s available by talking to College staff at both Choices Day and during their individual interview.