Reigate College is the official sixth form of Carrington, de Stafford, Merstham Park, Oakwood, Reigate, The Beacon and The Priory schools.

Applicants from Partner Schools are offered a guaranteed place at Reigate College if their school reports and reference demonstrate excellent effort, attendance and punctuality.  They must also meet the minimum entry qualifications for the programme they would like to do.​

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Applying from a Partner School

Students from the College’s Partner Schools are invited to apply for a place at the College from 19 September 2023 Please see our online application form.

Year 11 students from the College’s Partner Schools will be given a College prospectus via their school and won’t need to pick one up during the College’s Open Evenings.

Partner School students are interviewed first (from November to December) and receive offers ahead of students from non-Partner Schools.

Student Profiles

Hear what some of our Partner School students have to say about Reigate College by clicking on their photos. To select more profiles from specific schools, see our Student Profile ‘sorter’.

Aboubacre Niang
Aboubacre, Carrington
Susanna Hickman
Susanna, Oakwood
Farah Altarawneh
Farah, The Beacon School
Mia Hickey
Mia, de Stafford
Ollie Large
Ollie, Reigate School
Marcus Barfield
Marcus, The Priory School

The Partnership with Reigate College – from Years 6 to 11

The College works with Partner School students to help guide and inspire them to achieve at the highest level, from pre-enrolment to Year 11.

Here’s a summary of how the College works with its Partner Schools:

Year 6Presentation and/or ‘stand’ at Partner Schools’ Year 6 Open Events (i.e. as the schools’ official sixth form).
Year 7 onwardsInvitations to College visual and performing arts events (Spring and Summer Concerts, Annual Dance Show, Cross-College productions, annual Art Exhibition).
Year 8
and 9
Termly ‘gifted and talented’ workshops held at College.

5 week ‘taster courses’ for aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists.
Year 9Presentation and/or ‘stand’ at schools’ GCSE Options Evenings
Year 10Presentation at Partner Schools’ assemblies about possible post-16 routes.

Taster Day for Year 10s held at Reigate College in July.

Performing Arts Drama Club for Years 10 & 11.
Year 11Presentation at assemblies and attendance at Information Evenings.

Invitations to subject-specific Applicants’ Events e.g. Dance, Performing Arts, Classics, History, Politics, English, Film & Media

Invitations to Aspire Applicants’ events e.g. MVD (Medics, Vets and Dentists), Women in STEM, ‘Aspire Maths’, ‘Aspire Social Sciences.’

Priority interviews (held before end of December).

Priority offer letters (sent before end of January).

Introductory Day for Year 11s held at College in July.

Invitations to the College’s week-long Music and Performing Arts Summer Schools.

To read more about how the College works with its partner schools from pre-enrolment to Years 7 to 11 and beyond, please download the Partnership brochure.

Gifted & Talented Events

For many years, the College has run termly ‘Gifted & Talented’ sessions for Year 8 and 9, Partner School pupils. These sessions cover a broad range of subject areas, including already familiar curriculum subjects such as Maths, History and PE, in addition to ‘new subject’ areas such as Psychology, Economics, Film & Media.

As well as ‘trying out’ what it might be like to be a College student, the sessions also give students the chance to learn about a specific subject at an ‘A Level’ standard, which in turn encourages them to think about the subjects they might want to study from Year 12.

The College also runs extremely popular 5 week ‘taster courses’ for aspiring Year 8 & 9 aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists. These give students the opportunity to find out, at an early stage, how to access these university courses and careers.

We’re also fortunate to offer an after-school Performing Arts Drama Club, and Summer Schools for aspiring Music and Performing Arts students.